About Us

One of the most memorable outdoor experiences we've had was riding our motorcycles along the coast from San Francisco north up the Pacific Coast Highway. We had no plan, no hotel reservations, and no specific end point. The only goal was to fulfill a dream we had of riding motorcycles together along the breathtaking California coast and through the majestic redwood forests. On a motorcycle you capture so much more of the environment. Your phone is tucked away out of sight and out of mind so you pay attention to what’s in front of you and around you; the smell of the redwoods and the ocean breeze, the feel of the wet fog drifting in and out of the coastline, and constant temperature changes with each elevation change. We didn’t have kids yet but we made a commitment that we would raise our family to live an outdoor lifestyle and provide opportunities for them to experience and enjoy the outdoors for themselves. 

Fast forward a few years, we now have two kids and we are passionate about sharing our love for the outdoors and making memories with them. While making these memories with our kids, we quickly learned that having the right head-wear is essential for long days adventuring under the sun. We struggled to find hats for our kids that not only had the right design we wanted, but also the right fit, coverage, and quality to live outdoors. Through trial and error, we designed and created our own hats that checked these boxes.  

The end result is Mount Milly Goods!

-The Wade Family